Tongue Thrust

What is Tongue Thrust?
Tongue thrust is a type of swallow in which the tongue pushes against the front teeth or between the upper and lower teeth.

What causes tongue thrust?
  Delayed development of the swallowing function. Most babies swallow with a tongue thrust pattern and outgrow it on their
               own by 6 years old.
          •   Thumb sucking
          •   Englarged tonsils or adenoids
          •   Allergies
          •   Poor muscle control
          •   High, narrow palate/upper jaw.

When do children out grow tongue thrust?
Most children will stop the tongue thrust swallow by 6 years of age.

How does tongue thrust impact my child?
          •   Speech Intelligibility- Tongue thrust may impact a child’s speech intelligibility or how they say sounds. For example, a child
               that has a tongue thrust may mispronounce "S" sounds.
          •   Swallowing – A tongue thrust swallow can cause muscle weakness which may lead to oral swallowing challenges.
          •   Dentition – When a child has a tongue thrust the tongue pushes on the teeth. This added pressure on the teeth can cause
               an overbite. If a child gets braces without also treating the tongue thrust, the overbite may return once braces are removed.

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