The Listening Program Music Listening Program

What is The Listening Program?
The Listening Program (TLP) is a music listening therapy, that provides engaging brain stimulation to improve performance in school, work and life.

The basic building blocks of auditory processing are trained using the fundamentals of music - frequency, volume and timing.

Systematic training is provided through listening to psychoacoustically modified classical music which trains the brain to process sound more efficiently. This leads to improvements in:

  •   Learning
•   Attention
•   Communication
•   Reading
•   Listening
•   Sensory Processing
•   Social Engagement
•   Behavior
•   Self Regulation
•   Musical Ability
•   Brain Fitness
•   Daily Living
Children, teens, adults and seniors can use the program in the home, classroom or workplace. Completely portable and easy to use, The Listening Program fits easily into anyone's schedule and only requires 15 to 30 minutes of daily listening.

The Listening Program is a fusion of beautiful art and sound science. The masterful performances of the award-winning players of the Arcangelos Chamber Ensemble are skillfully crafted using advanced audio technologies to provide an unrivaled listening experience.

How can something that seems so simple - listening to psychoacoustically modified classical music - actually impact a wide range of abilities, such as reading, communication, learning and memory?

Numerous studies worldwide, including research at the University of Sheffield, provide empirical evidence that substantiate The Listening Program's efficacy. And while that affirms The Listening Program's credibility, for many the question remains, how does The Listening Program work?

The Listening Program's psychoacoustically modified music and patent-pending production techniques are designed to stimulate or "exercise" the different functions of the auditory processing system. This enables the brain to better receive, process, store and utilize the valuable information provided through the varied soundscapes in our lives such as music, language and the environment in which we live.

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